Evaluate Ecological Impact

We estimate the impact of environmental programs on several key parameters (such as air and water quality, soil fertility, carbon sequestration and resilience to extreme events) using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to data modelling.

Bespoke Applications

Custome Web Application to visualise and monitor your project’s results in one single place. 


Monitoring ecosystems evolution

We study and follow the transformation of regions, lands and farms with sensor stations locally set up and Satellite data.

Accurately predict the Future

We provide state of the art time-series forecast and projections to drive future strategic decision-making. All our predictions are always accompanied by a clear quantification of the uncertainty in the forecasts through well-calibrated prediction intervals.



At Decatab, we value the importance of the ecosystem in which we live and we acknowledge that it provides natural services for humans and all other species.


To provide Environmental program’s stakeholders with High Technology solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, sensor and satellite data analysis. 

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