Soil Fertility Monitoring in an Agroforestry System

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How soil is impacted by sustainable agriculture practices? How dose it change over time? These are few of the questions that we answering in an experimental project by collecting detail data on many soil properties with the use of customised sensors and data analysis.

Even a small peace of land if well managed, can bring a big change in the the surrounding ecosystem. Indeed since we have started our experiment in a little land of less than 1000 square meters many things have changed and we have been following each step of this evolution. We choose to monitor the soil fertility as a direct indicator of the impacts of the syntropic system in place, following  moisture ,temperature ,Ph and many other variables with as et of sensors specifically built to meet our needs

We are going beyond that, and we are even observing the flora and fauna evolution, learning how a variety of specific insects like spiders and praying mantis can be beneficial to the cultivated ecosystem.

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