Artificial Intelligence solutions for environmental projects

Satellite Data

Gain knowledge about Pollution levels, Plants Health and Green density to estimate your project’s Environmental Impact

Sensor Data

Measure and Monitor a variety of KPI to understand what are the impacts of your projects on the Environment

AI Analytics

Combine your system and pipeline with Artificial Intelligence analytics to get detailed insights on your programs

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Latest Projects

To empirically evaluate the short-run impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on agricultural land greenness (a proxy for agricultural productivity) we leveraged Machine Learning, Econometrics and Satelite Data.

Decatab, together with Simile, built an AI Platform to improve the accuracy of early warning system alerts to Timor-Leste communities. As a result, target communities are now able to better prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate-induced natural disasters

How soil is impacted by different practices? How dose it change over time? These are few of the questions that we are trying to answer in an experimental project by collecting detail data on many soil properties with the use of state of the art sensors and data analysis.

The purpose of this project is to define and develop an effective and capable monitoring system that can count trucks, estimate their load and measure the daily quantity of waste that goes to landfill and summarize the materials that get recycled.

Together with Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) we are developing multiple scenarios to enable universal accessibility to public healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa.



A Cloud Databases system to enable Sensor data storage for agricultural task monitoring & planning with a simple user interface to provide farmers with real-time data of their field and additional information collected through opensource API.

Our team

Ahmed T. Hammad

CEO | Data scientist

Robbin Schuchmann


Web Developer




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